How to Take Tea like a Lady

How to Take Tea like a Lady image
As my eyes browsing through magazine, I found this article that interest me..
from ELLE Magazine: "How to Take Tea Like a Lady"
by David Perry CEO The Hotel Windsor Melbourne
I will share with you today, in case some of you invited to a tea party :)
Think it's simply matter of adding some sugar to a pot of Twinings
and dumping your favorite Arnott's biscuit onto your finest China?
Tea-taking is serious business (just ask the Queen)!

Never gesture with your teacup
When you're not drinking, place your cup on it's saucer, which should remain on the table.
It's proper etiquette and will save your silk from spills.

Don't swirl your tea continuously
Gently fold the tea from a six to 12 o'clock position
and avoid clinking the teaspoon against the China
or tapping it against the edge of the cup - refinement is key.

Mind your napkin
When you're seated, it should be placed neatly over your lap
and if you need to be excused, leave it to one side of your place setting.
Before you leave, it's polite to fold it neatly.

Don't scoff your scone
Remember, they're not bite-size.
Place it on your plate and cut it in half,
making sure the inside faces up.
Spread on the jam first, then the cream.
I guess now you're ready to host a small tea party with your bunch of friends or family..
have a good time and good Étiquette! :)