Question 1: Do you have a workshop?

Answer 1: Yes, but we only have a sample of all of the products.

Question 2: What benefits will I get if I order via website?

Answer 2: You can get faster respond and 10% discount for a new member.

Question 3: Do you have a ready product?

Answer 3: Most of our products are PO, but some are ready (you can read it in the product's description).

Question 4: How long it takes for the PO?

Answer 4: Our PO takes 7-10 working days (exclude weekends/holiday and shipping).

Question 5: When will you ship my order?

Answer 5: After the payment done, we will progress and ship your order 1x24 hours at our operational time.

Monday-Friday : 09.00-15.00

Saturday              : 09.00-15.00

If the payment done after our operational time (Monday-Friday), we will progress it on the next day.
All order and payment on Saturday, we will progress it on the next Monday.

Question 6: Where do you ship from?

Answer 6: We ship our products from Jakarta Barat, Indonesia.

Question 7: Can I purchase from overseas?

Answer 7: Yes, and we use EMS (www.posindonesia.com) as our courier.

Question 8: How long the estimate time for shipping?

Answer 8: For domestic shipping, we use JNE as our courier and the time depends on what shipping method you choose.

●JNE Express: 1-2 days for Jakarta area, 1-3 days for ouside Jakarta area (exclude weekends/holiday).

●JNE Regular: 3-5 days (exclude weekends/holiday).

●EMS (International shipping): 3-10 (exclude weekends/holiday).

*If your order is not delivered according these times, please check or track your order in the website: www.jne.co.id / www.posindonesia.co.id

Question 9: Can I cancel my order?

Answer 9: After payment, you can't cancel your order. So please check and make sure the product that you have ordered was right.

Question 10: Can I return or exchange the product?

Answer 10: No, we are not accepting any return or exchange and we will make sure if there are no any defective in our products before we ship it to the customer.

Question 11: How if the product that I ordered is out of stock?

Answer 11: We will inform you by sending an email and give a solution whether you want to change the fabric or not. But if not, we will refund your payment on the next Monday after the confirmation.